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ear acupuncture and weight loss

The journal Acupuncture in Medicine published a small study which suggested 5-point ear acupuncture was better than single point in trying to reduce abdominal fat. read more

air pollution and death

Research in The Lancet suggested exposure to tiny particles of soot or dust may be more deadly below current European Union (EU) air … read more

air pollution and lung cancer

A paper published in The Lancet Oncology found prolonged exposure to particulate air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer, even at levels below the European Union limit values. read more

IVF and autism

In a JAMA study of more than 2.5 million children born in Sweden in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment was associated with a small but statistically significantly increased risk of mental retardation, though not associated with autistic disorder. read more

long term shift work and breast cancer

A study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine found working night shifts for 30 or more years doubles the risk of developing breast cancer, and is not confined to nurses as previous research had indicated. read more

GM pig feed and stomach inflammation

A study published in the Journal of Organic Systems appeared to show that pigs fed on genetically modified soy and corn developed stomach inflammation at greater rates than those fed a conventional diet. read more

iodine and pregnancy

A study of around 1000 UK mothers and their children, published in The Lancet, revealed that iodine deficiency in pregnancy may have an adverse effect on children’s mental development. read more

red peppers and Parkinson’s disease

Research in Annals of Neurology found that Solanaceae, a family of plants including peppers and tomatoes may provide a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease due to the plants containing low levels of nicotine. read more

resting heart rate and risk of death

Research published in the journal Heart tracked the cardiovascular health of just under 3000 men for 16 years, and found that after controlling for other health factors including fitness level, men with higher resting heart rates had a higher risk of death. read more

HRT and breast cancer

A study in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care found there was no clear evidence in the data it examined of a causal link between the decline in the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and a reported fall in the numbers of new cases of breast cancer. read more

insomnia and heart failure

A study in the European Heart Journal followed 54,279 people for an average of over 11 years, and found that those who suffered from from insomnia had an increased risk of developing heart failure. read more

dietary fats and heart disease

A clinical trial in the BMJ suggested that replacing saturated animal fats with omega-6 polyunsaturated vegetable fats is linked to an increased risk of death among patients with heart disease. read more

physical activity, TV watching and semen quality

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found young men who watch TV for more than 20 hours a week have almost half the sperm count of men who watch very little TV, while men who do 15 or more hours of moderate to vigorous exercise every week have sperm counts that are 73% higher than those who exercise very little. read more

antiepileptic drugs and neurodevelopmental disorders

A small study in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry suggested that mothers taking the antiepileptic drug sodium valproate while pregnant have a higher chance of having children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. read more

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