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expert reaction to report on diesel vehicle emissions testing programme

The Department of Transport (DfT) has published its research into emissions levels from diesel cars following a scandal which revealed that several companies had been manipulating emission controls. The DfT report that, for all vehicles which they tested, nitrogen oxide conditions were higher in real world conditions than in laboratory conditions. read more

historic air pollution exposure and long-term health and mortality risks

Exposure to air pollution has been associated with numerous health conditions including respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, and death. However, investigating the precise impact of air pollution exposure on health outcomes is challenging, particularly when taking historic pollution levels into account. Nonetheless the subject of air pollution, especially in the UK’s major cities, is still a cause of great concern for doctors, policy makers, and the wider population. read more

historic air pollution exposure and long-term mortality risks

In one of the longest-running studies of its kind, researchers from Imperial College London have published in the journal Thorax their investigation into the possible effects of long-term air pollution exposure over nearly 40 years on various health outcomes including mortality. read more

air pollution and death

Research in The Lancet suggested exposure to tiny particles of soot or dust may be more deadly below current European Union (EU) air … read more

bees and pollution: new research published in Scientific Reports

The decline of the UK’s bee population is rarely out of the headlines, but with discussion often focused on pesticides are there other factors in the environment that might also affect bee behaviour and health? Researchers cam to the SMC to explain their investigation of the impact of common air pollutants in diesel exhaust fumes on the foraging efficiency of honeybees. read more

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