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expert reaction to genetic associations for major depressive disorder

A group of researchers have attempted to find genetic markers of major depressive disorder by using samples from patients with self-reported diagnosis. Publishing in the journal Nature Genetics the team report a number of markers which they say are associated with self-reporting of clinical diagnosis or treatment for depression. read more

expert reaction to Down’s syndrome and green tea compound

Publishing in The Lancet Neurology journal a group of scientists have described their use of a particular extract of green tea to try to improve cognition of young adults with Down’s syndrome and report that the extract improved memory and behavioural aspects better than the placebo control. read more

expert reaction to study on the genome analysis of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil

The current outbreak of Zika infection in South and Central America is the focus of much research and a paper published in the journal Science has attempted to work out when Zika virus first arrived in Brazil. The research team report that the first human infection with Zika was detected in November 2015 and that introduction to Brazil probably occurred between May-December 2013. read more

expert reaction to genetic association to schizophrenia

A study published in the journal Nature has reported an association between varying levels of protein brought about by different forms of a specific gene and schizophrenia in humans. The authors suggest that higher levels of the protein might lead to a number of connections between nerve cells, which is characteristic of individuals with schizophrenia read more

expert reaction to House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee report on GM insects

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee has published its report on GM insects which recommends that field trials begin. The Committee has been investigating the use of GM insect technologies to fight infectious disease and to control agricultural pests as the technology now exists to render insects unable to transmit diseases, and to reduce insect populations to minimise their threat to animals and crops. read more

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