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Football and dementia

Boxing and American football are under scrutiny because of head injuries causing long-term damage to the brain, but the situation is much less clear for football where heading is extremely common, but head injuries are less so. read more

expert reaction to mouse study of gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

A group of scientists have described their use of a specific gene therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease in a mouse model. Publishing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the scientists report that the upregulation of the PGC-1α gene brought about reduced biological markers of the disease and improved function in the mice. read more

expert reaction to amyloid therapy for Alzheimer’s

An antibody therapy for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has been described in a paper published in the journal Nature in which the authors report its use in animals and a small number of patients where the treatment was able to reduce amyloid plaques which are thought to contribute to the disease. read more

expert reaction to acupuncture and mild cognitive impairment

Researchers publishing in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine have conducted a meta-analysis of five trials and report that acupuncture appears to be effective for the treatment of a pre-dementia condition (amnestic mild cognitive impairment) though they caution that the studies in question had low methodological quality. read more

expert reaction to UK dementia rates

In a new study, published in Nature Communications, researchers compared the actual number of dementia cases in the UK to earlier decades and previous predictions. They report a 20% drop in incidence of dementia between their two samples (1989-1994, 2008-2011) which they attribute mainly to a reduction in men. read more

dementia rates in the UK

As ageing populations increase, fears of a dementia ‘tsunami’ have grown, with some suggesting that dementia will be the main threat to future health and leading the Prime Minister to announce his dementia 2020 challenge. However, recent research has suggested that the number of cases may be more complicated than we initially thought. read more

expert reaction to IL-33 protein for dementia in mice

Finding the causes of, and treatments for, Alzheimer’s disease is important to reduce the burden of ageing, and the authors of a paper published in the journal PNAS report the use as a therapy of a particular protein which is involved in inflammation. read more

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