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expert reaction to global study on low salt diets

Publishing in The Lancet, a group of researchers have reported that high sodium intake is associated with an increased risk in cardiovascular events and death in hypertensive populations but not in normotensive populations. read more

expert reaction to study commenting on Mediterranean diet, Western diet, and risk of heart attack and stroke in people with existing heart disease

Publishing in the European Heart Journal, a group of researchers have examined the effect of diet on patients with coronary heart disease and report that greater consumption of healthy foods (such as in a typical Mediterranean diet) may be more important than avoidance of unhealthy foods (such as in a typical Western diet) for prevention of further instances of heart disease. read more

expert reaction to review investigating the effects of trans unsaturated fats and saturated fats on health

Exactly how much of different types of nutrients should be part of our diets is the focus of much research, advice and controversy. Publishing in the BMJ, a group has investigated the effects of saturated and unsaturated fats and they report that total trans unsaturated fat intake was associated with increased mortality and death from coronary heart disease, while this was not the case for saturated fats. read more

expert reaction to study looking at historic UK and US dietary advice on fats

Researchers have published a review in the journal Open Heart, into the evidence around dietary fat, cholesterol and coronary heart disease published before 1983. They conclude that based on the studies which they analysed, dietary recommendations which were introduced in the UK in 1983 were not supported by the evidence. read more

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