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expert reaction to study on mitochondrial replacement in human ooctyes that carry pathogenic mitochondrial dna mutations

Researchers, publishing in the journal Nature, have reported on a study which used mitochondrial donation therapy to replace pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations in human ooctyes with mitochondrial DNA from healthy donor eggs. The researchers report the potential of mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) to reduce the transfer of mitochondrial disease from mother to child. read more

expert reaction to fourth scientific review of the safety and efficacy of methods to avoid mitochondrial disease through assisted conception

An independent expert panel, convened by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), have published their fourth scientific review into the latest evidence on the safety and efficacy of mitochondrial donation techniques, recommending that those techniques be approved for “cautious use” in “specific circumstances”. These comments accompanied a press briefing. read more

report of fourth hfea independent science review panel on mitochondrial donation

After Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of allowing mitochondrial donation last year the UK regulatory process for this new treatment has moved on. The Newcastle based scientists ready to offer the treatment have answered more of the scientific questions raised and the HFEA commissioned a fourth independent science panel to review this and other research. Meanwhile stories emerge of babies being born around the world with the same technique but under very different regulatory oversight.

Now this incredible treatment takes a very significant step closer to the clinic as the science review panel delivers its fourth and possibly final report on the state of the science and makes recommendations as to whether it is safe and effective in order to proceed to treating patients.

read more

latest research on the safety and efficacy of mitochondrial donation therapy

A team from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Donation presented results from their research into the safety of efficacy of the IVF-based technique known as mitochondrial donation. Mitochondrial donation involves transplanting the nuclear DNA of a recently formed embryo into an embryo which contains the mitochondrial DNA of a donor woman. The technique was designed to reduce the risk of mothers passing on mitochondrial disease, which is devastating and often life-limiting, to their children. A vote in the House of Commons in February 2015 made the technique legal in the UK but the first license has not yet been issued to a clinic. read more

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