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inconvenient truths

Last week we ran press conferences on climate change and CFS/ME. The subjects are complex and contentious, and there is always the potential for jarring or simplistic headlines and strong reactions from the vocal critics of research in these fields. But it was the criticism from within the scientific community that we had not anticipated. read more

expert reaction to study investigating content of and contaminants in laboratory rodent diets

The diets of rodents in food safety and toxicology studies is the topic of a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE, in which the authors report the presence of contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms in the feed or lab rodents. The authors go on to suggest that such contaminants could affect the reliability of toxicity testing in general. read more

expert reaction to EFSA initial review of GM maize

The European Food Safety Authority conducted a review of the recent paper that purported to show rats developing tumours after eating GM maize. They found the study was of insufficient scientific quality to be considered as valid for risk assessment. read more

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