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international SMCs

The UK SMC has played a key role in the creation of other SMCs around the world.  There are fully operational SMCs in AustraliaNew ZealandGermany, Taiwan, and Spain. Together with the UK SMC, they form the SMC Global Network, an international network ensuring the public have access to the best evidence in the news when science hits the headlines around the world. Each SMC in the global network has signed up to a charter to ensure that all members follow common goals and principles of independence. Each SMC works autonomously with journalists and scientists in its own country, but also shares resources from other members of the network, including quotes and access to briefings.

If you are interested in learning more about the global network, you can visit the SMC Global Network website. Supported by a generous donation from the Springer Nature Group, the site has the latest information on each SMC and how they work, plus resources for those interested in setting up a new SMC in their own country.

international smcs