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west african

ebola outbreak

West Africa has seen the largest outbreak of Ebola virus disease on record. As the death toll increases and concerns are expressed over whether the virus could spread internationally the SMC has been providing journalists with information and expert comment.

storms & flooding

Storm after storm has battered the UK in early 2014 with the South West bearing the worst conditions. Somerset is under water, Cornwall’s transport infrastructure is at a standstill and there is widespread flooding and storm damage across England. The SMC has been providing journalists with the best expertise while the situation develops, and an archive of material on flooding stretching back before the current crisis can be found below.

mitochondrial DNA

IVF techniques to replace the faulty mitochondria, which have their own DNA, of patients with certain genetic disorders have been developed in recent years. 


Scientific and ethical reviews and public consultations have been carried out, with a view to changing UK regulations and making the techniques available to patients. Find all SMC work on the subject here.


Populations of bees have steadily declined in recent decades. The European Commission has proposed a ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides, which some blame for falling numbers. Studies have shown the pesticides have a detrimental effect on bee health, but there is scientific disagreement on the relationship between use of neonicotinoids and bee numbers in field trials. Find all the material the SMC has put out on the topic here.



horsemeat scandal

since horsemeat was first detected in beef products in Ireland, the SMC has been working on the scientific issues surrounding the scandal, including food safety, traceability, toxicology and DNA testing. Find all the work we have put out below.

Leveson Report

to mark Lord Justice Leveson publishing his report into the culture, practice and ethics of the press, we have collected together ways in which the Science Media Centre has engaged with the Inquiry over the last year

10 year anniversary

this new website helps us mark a successful decade of helping the scientific and engineering communities to engage with the news media when it really matters and we’ve put together some special anniversary content to celebrate