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horsemeat scandal

since horsemeat was first detected in beef products in Ireland, the SMC has been working on the scientific issues surrounding the scandal, including food safety, traceability, toxicology and DNA testing. Find all the work we have put out below.

expert reaction to the results of tests for horse DNA and bute in meat

The European Commission published test results on EU-wide testing for horsemeat DNA and phenylbutazone, finding less than 5 % of the tested products had horse DNA and that about 0.5 % of the equine carcasses tested were found to be contaminated with bute. read more

expert reaction to news of bute found in corned beef products

Asda announced that it was recalling its budget corned beef after low levels of phenylbutazone – the veterinary pain killer known as bute – were detected. read more

leading vet comments on aspects of horsemeat story

More reaction to the horsemeat scandal, on topics concerning veterinary science. read more

expert reaction to the continuing horsemeat story and bute (phenylbutazone)

Defra announced the latest results in testing slaughtered horses for bute (phenylbutazone). The presence of bute was confirmed in 8 samples out of 206 tests. read more

expert reaction to continuing horsemeat story

The scandal over horsemeat has carried on after raids on two British meat plants uncovered evidence that kebabs and burgers were being adulterated with horse. read more

horsemeat – bute (phenylbutazone) and DNA testing

The SMC asked a number of food science and equine experts to come and talk about the scientific aspects of the current horsemeat scandal, including issues around food safety, traceability, toxicology and DNA testing. read more

expert reaction to MP’s claims about phenylbutazone and horse meat

Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh said in Commons that horses slaughtered in the UK had tested positive for the carcinogen phenylbutazone. read more

expert reaction to horse meat found in burgers

Some beefburgers being sold in supermarkets in the UK and Ireland were found to contain horse DNA by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. read more